Why grow grapes?
Grapes are a tremendously satisfying fruits to grow in your own garden. They have a wide range of uses i.e. for, eating (dessert), making into juice, wine (sparkling and still), vinegar and the vine leaves, which have such beautiful shapes and colours, are wonderful decoration for both indoors and outdoors, cut and uncut.

An ancient crop.
Grape vines have been on earth for millions of years. Fossil remains of Vitas sezzanensis, the 'European' vine's ancestor, have been found which are ten million years old.

Lacking the ability or confidence?
There are thousands of gardeners who would just love to 'have a go' at growing a grape vine or two but dare not embark on the project because of lack of confidence and the fear of failing. There are many today who are growing vines quite successfully - the accomplished amateur- but need a little more help to promote better cropping or, perhaps, help with pests and disease control.

Helpful, practical information.
Whether you are a first-time grower with little or no knowledge of vines or a grower of some experience but still needing some practical guidance, this new book will give you the answers to your queries.